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Grant Sikkema



A graduate of Trinity Christian College (2006). Since then, I have been a middle school teacher in Homewood, IL. I have really grown to love and appreciate being a part of the diverse community and working with the students and staff. During my tenure I have continued my own education and received my masters in “School Improvement and Leadership.” I then went on to pursue a web career and earned theWeb Developer Certificate at Moraine Valley Community College.


Outside of building websites, I also built a java application for my school’s enrichment program. With the fluid nature of our specific program, this application enabled us to more efficiently monitor and handle student sign-ups of the entire school. Also, as a part of this same enrichment program, I had the opportunity to teach a few HTML and CSS classes to some of those students.

Outside of the tech world, I have been very involved coaching basketball and baseball. I am looking forward to the day where I can do this for my own children. I had the chance of playing both competitively in high school, and then baseball also in college. Baseball has actually served as an inspiration for this website. In baseball, a fantastic defensive play is coined as a “web gem.” It is my hope to build fantastic websites for your very own “web gem.”